Get the Vermicomposter
Easy to set up and place either indoors or on a terrace. We provide guidance on earthworm hatch sources near you.
Pick Healthy Food
When grocery shopping, choose fresh fruits, vegetables and organic food. It’s healthy for you and produces bio waste suitable for your vermicomposter.
Don’t Let Bio Waste Go to Waste
Teach others to conserve bio waste during cooking or as leftovers. These waste products belong in the vermicomposter.
Feed Your Helpers
Provide regular supplies of bio waste for your earthworms. Maintaining simple rules, you ensure the best conditions of temperature, moisture and ventilation.
Enjoy Growing Your Own Plants
The fertilizer from the vermicomposter promotes healthy growth of your indoor plants, boosts blooming and brings a bountiful harvest of herbs, fruits and vegetables to your plate.
1. Get the Vermicomposter
2. Pick Healthy Food
3. Don’t Let Bio Waste Go to Waste
4. Feed Your Helpers
5. Enjoy Growing Your Own Plants

Live in Harmony with the Principles of Nature

Green Loop

Current Situation
Tired of buying unhealthy food and discarding bio waste into garbage, where it doesn’t belong?
Our Solution
There Is a Better Way. Compost bio waste directly from your kitchen at home, using the Urbalive Vermicomposter effortlessly and without odors.

Thanks to the Urbalive vermicomposter , food leftovers from your household will become a tempting food for your new helpers – the earthworms. They easily process your waste into a natural fertilizer that provides optimal nutrition and protection to your herbs, fruit and vegetables, whether you will grow them on a windowsill, a balcony or in the garden.

You will enjoy both quality healthy food and the joy of growing your own plants. Everything begins and ends on the plate. This cycle is called the Green Loop.

Discover the Joy of a Connection to Nature

The basis of our Green Loop philosophy lies in working with plants and organic material so that the part we cannot otherwise use returns to the natural cycle. This cycle becomes a natural part of our life in households, schools and our workplaces.


The Urbalive product line was created with the goal of simplifying your path to nature, a healthy lifestyle and the sustainability of natural resources.

As a leading European producer of gardening equipment, we help people rediscover the beauty of plants and the joy of growing their own every day.

Our first products that specifically correspond to the Green Loop philosophy are

Urbalive Products

The Urbalive Vermicomposter

A multifunctional container for composting bio waste and food leftovers at home, to produce your own organic fertilizer.
More About the Vermicomposter

The Urbalive Planter

A planter with its own self-watering system that helps you create optimal conditions for growing your own plants in an interior or on the balcony.
More About the Planter